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AI Governance

AI Governance

Guiding your data strategy to ensure ongoing compliance with emerging AI and data protection regulations.

Ethical AI by Design

Ethical AI by Design

Ongoing consultancy and assessments to ensure best-in-class data practices are baked into your AI products from inception. 

AI Discovery

AI Discovery

Auditing your existing and potential uses of AI, mapping your AI infrastructure, and assessing your AI suppliers.

We use our experience to underpin your AI strategy


Global knowledge, locally delivered

Our teams of international experts,  operating across dozens of jurisdictions, deliver relevant advice and see the world through your lens.


A deep understanding of data

We bring decades of experience delivering privacy-by-design programmes to clients of all scopes and scales, across multiple industries and jurisdictions. 


Practical approach

We will tackle any bespoke AI project in a constructive fashion, breaking down barriers within teams to enable better compliance and a united approach to implementation.

IAPP AI Governance

We are a founding supporter of the IAPP AI governance programme, which is recognised as the leading resource of its kind among the global community.



The State of AI Regulation

We will shortly be publishing an updated version of our downloadable resource: The State of AI Regulation.

This insightful and informative publication will provide an overview of current and forthcoming AI regulation around the world and can be used as a tool for understanding existing rules and outlining our thoughts on compliance guidance and risk mitigation.