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Helping you avoid legal tangles with regulators

When you’re in a race to keep pace with your competitors, compliance can appear to be a distraction. In reality, investing in this area can drive efficiency and lead to better product design. We will help you build a governance framework that assures transparency and oversight across your AI operations and gives you an advantage over your rivals.

The benefits

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    Utilise our deep knowledge and experience of managing governance programmes
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    Receive a custom designed governance system that’s appropriate for your business
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    Get advice on scaling your AI use in line with anticipated legislation
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    Allow us to monitor the regulatory landscape on your behalf
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    Let us embed best practice to boost your competitive advantage
AI Governance

What we offer

To create a comprehensive governance programme that serves as a clear point of reference for your stakeholders, the experts here at AiEthix will work alongside your compliance teams to identify, monitor, and mitigate all the risk that groundbreaking technologies run, without sacrificing your ability to profit from the opportunities that AI/ML bring.

AI Governance

How it works

We will create a bespoke governance framework that is tailored to the needs of your organisation and aligned with your existing governance infrastructure. Once this document is in place, our highly trained consultants will support your business and work alongside your management team to deliver advice, guidance, and assurance across all your technology programmes.

Why Securys


We’re the industry’s undisputed privacy and data protection specialist

We find pragmatic solutions to common AI challenges and ensure our customers’ AI technologies are implemented according to best practices and in a way that supports their business goals.


We have an unrivalled global reach

With consultants in the UK, Ireland, and the US, we work across many different industries. Partner with us, and you’ll benefit from up-to-the-minute knowledge, tailored to your jurisdiction.


We’ve always got one eye on your business case

Forget generic insights and meaningless recommendations. Our AI governance programmes focus on identifying business-specific opportunities that will fuel growth and support higher profitability.

AI Governance

Get the experts in your corner

Any company that uses AI is standing on shifting sands where regulation is concerned. Even a modest AI/ML deployment can expose you to regulatory and legislative enforcement across multiple jurisdictions. Investing in a tailormade framework now will help you get a handle on your responsibilities without draining your internal resources or exposing your company to unnecessary compliance risks.