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Enter into the AI sphere with confidence

AI promises much – but it also presents industries with new problems. From privacy challenges and intellectual property disputes to avoiding ‘garbage in, garbage out’ content loops, there’s a lot for today’s firms to consider when dipping their toes into machine learning. Using our privacy-by-design principles will significantly reduce the risk of bad outcomes from your first foray into AI.

The benefits

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    Ensure data transparency throughout the AI product cycle
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    Eliminate the accidental ingestion of inappropriate and/or incorrect data in training sets
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    Improve the explain-ability of complex ML models and enhance accountability
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    Reduce bias and drive better AI outputs
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    Get it right first time, all the time!
AI Governance

What we offer

The experienced consultants at AiEthix will work with you at every stage of your AI product lifecycle, from inception to delivery. We will advise on data preparation and system architecture to ensure that your models are fit to source and handle data responsibly. We will also make sure they are designed to conform to relevant regulation and proactively mitigate you against risk.

AI Governance

How it works

We will collaborate with your data science, dev ops and development teams to map data flows through any AI system, whether it has been built in-house or is accessed from an external provider. We will also sit with your sales/marketing and front-end delivery teams to better understand your customer interface and the ingestion of your user data.

Why Securys


We’re the industry’s undisputed privacy and data protection specialist

We find pragmatic solutions to common AI challenges and ensure our customers’ AI technologies are implemented according to best practices and in a way that supports their business goals.


We draw our industry-leading knowledge from practical experience

Our team has been resolving data protection and privacy challenges for years. You can rest assured we’re the right fit when it comes to safeguarding your business against upcoming AI challenges.


We’ll build your AI policy from the ground up

Whichever industry or jurisdiction you’re in, we can help you establish more robust governance around your AI activities and design a programme that is efficient, ethical, and compliant.

AI Governance

Get comprehensive support from the start

If you’re at the beginning of your journey with AI, you need to seek guidance on how to use artificial intelligence tools to your advantage sooner rather than later. We will deliver clear, practical, and actionable advice that will be underpinned by an extensive assessment of the opportunities and risks facing your organisation.