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Creating future-proof AI strategies

Many organisations have been using machine learning tools within their businesses for years. But do they fully understand the systems they are using, the data they are handling, and how their AI outputs are impacting their customers and users? With new regulations coming down the track, now is the time for companies to stop, take a breath, and ensure they are utilising AI in an ethical, responsible way.

The benefits

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    Partner with an experienced team of data processing experts
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    Map your AI footprint to pinpoint inefficiencies, redundancies and opportunities
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    Gain maximum value from a fast, secure, fully remote discovery process
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    Align your business processes with all existing data privacy regulations
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    Develop a responsible, ethical AI programme you’ll be proud to shout about
AI by Design

What we offer

We will deliver an AI discovery exercise that conducts a low impact, high insight analysis of your AI workflows and dataflows. We’ll review both internally built and externally-sourced AI/ML tools, as well as your use of unsanctioned ‘shadow AI’ – and as external consultants, we will investigate your practices in a non-confrontational, non-judgemental way.

AI Governance

How it works

Our AI Discovery service is conducted via interviews and questionnaires at every appropriate operational level of your business. All findings will be analysed in accordance with relevant national and international regulations. Drawing upon our wealth of experience across legal, technical and governance disciplines, we will share our insights in a concise yet comprehensive final report.

Why Securys


We’re the industry’s undisputed privacy and data protection specialist

We find pragmatic solutions to common AI challenges and ensure our customers’ AI technologies are implemented according to best practices and in a way that supports their business goals.


We’re always several steps ahead

We understand how AI is changing the business landscape globally. We can anticipate the nature of future AI-related legislation – and help our customers prepare their compliance processes.


We take AI compliance beyond a tick-box exercise

Responsible AI management isn’t just about meeting CSR/ESG objectives or avoiding fines. We use our work to demonstrate meaningful, measurable returns on your privacy investments.

AI Governance

Practical advice for complete peace of mind

We’ll help you find out which AI tools are in existence within your organisation and across your supply chain, and the risks and issues they present in terms of compliance. Our experts will then provide you with a plan of action that tackles the problems we have identified and provides a clear blueprint for improvement.